Investment Client

My experience with Dan Lyons is simply outstanding. He just gets it! This is a career for him-not a job. He focuses on continuing education, learning current market trends, house staging, and everything else involved with real estate. As a self-employed person, I spend countless hours learning my craft and just trying to be the best at what I do. I believe it is the best way, long term, to have a successful career. Dan does the same, which is why I can appreciate his business. I've encountered many other agents so involved with advertising and recognition; they ignore the fact that being the best at what you do is the most effective advertising. My wife and I have a real estate investment business and I say with confidence, Dan is a vital part of why we are successful at finding the right homes and selling them as investors. Dan is the only person who sells mine (our) houses in the Bay Area. Highly recommended Dan for a true professional experience.

— Jason┬áS